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Guizhou Tyre releases two projects' improvement

Recently, Guizhou Tyre released its two projects' construction in the third quarter of 2020.

Advance Tyre, Guizhou Tyre's subsidiary company in Vietnam, is constructing ground plant and installing boiler equipment. The Vietnam project was designed to 

produce 1.2 million units of full-steel radial tyres every year.

Guizhou Tyre used to say in September that the project was undoubtedly affected by COVID-2019, because equipment installers were blocked to some extent to go into Vietnam.

By 2021, the company would forge 600,000 units to 700,000 units of production capacity.

Besides, Guizhou Tyre's full-steel radial tyre relocation project was also undergoing smoothly.

Zhazuo Phase III project has completed ground plant construction, and under equipment installment and trial run until now.