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CEP selects Siveco China to deploy Smart O&M solution

CEP selected Siveco China to implement a Smart O&M solution for its hazardous waste disposal projects.

CEP, a holding company of CITIC Private Equity (CITICPE), is a specialized environmental protection enterprise group that focuses on investment and operation for the entire industrial chain of hazardous waste disposal. CEP owns 11 subsidiaries and 8 comprehensive hazardous waste disposal centers. Its business qualification covers 43 categories out of 46 in the national hazardous waste list. The permitted capacity of hazardous waste disposal reaches 900,000 tons per year, ranking among the top in the industry in China.

In line with the ISO 55000 asset management standard, the 'Core Model' of CEP's equipment management will be established. This Core Model will be implemented through Siveco's proven and stable Smart O&M platform, in order to ultimately achieve centralized, standardized and visual management of all CEP's assets, improve the efficiency and quality of equipment management, optimize O&M costs and control risks. The project was officially launched in October 2020.

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