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Staff at Tellebrg volunteer to trial Covid-19 saliva test

The entire workforce of specialist engineering firm Trelleborg Applied Technologies in Rochdale have volunteered to take part in a trial with Covid testing company Medusa 19 as a potential way to know that they and their colleagues are free from Covid-19.

Staff at Trelleborg Rochdale have been trialling a Covid-19 saliva test

Trelleborg Rochdale, located off Queensway, is one of the first UK companies to host such a trial.

The trial was undertaken by 67 volunteers including the senior management team, office workers and shop floor staff to indicate previous or current infection through antibodies created in saliva. Seven other observers also took part to have first-hand experience of the practicality of the test.

Medusa 19’s Rapid Saliva Protein Test (RSPT) detects antibodies in a saliva sample, and provides a result on the spot within 10 minutes.

The tests were carried out under the supervision of a medical professional and the volunteers were guided through the process with the Saturn Pass mobile application, a unique, patented digital passport platform designed to verify and validate the results.

Nobody who took part in the test had Covid symptoms. Out of the 74 volunteers tested, 72 came back negative and two returned a positive result, which means the trial identified two asymptomatic cases of the virus. These two individuals were immediately transferred to a private healthcare unit to receive a government approved PCR test, which confirmed the positive result within 24 hours.

Trelleborg Rochdale is now working out how to provide facilities so that staff who participate can continue to test themselves on a weekly basis. They are also looking into the feasibility of other plants hosting similar trials, both in the UK and abroad.

Robert Lovelace, Managing Director at Trelleborg Rochdale said: “This is an important milestone for our team who all volunteered to take part in the trial. The fact that we detected two asymptomatic cases meant that we could act quickly and prevent an outbreak in our factory. As a supplier to the defence sectors, we are considered key workers and have had to be in the workplace throughout the pandemic. Everyone is looking for the reassurance that they are not infected and putting colleagues, or their families at risk.

“With cases on the rise across the North West, it’s important that we are proactive and look for practical solutions to keep the virus under control.”

Frank Singh, Sourcing and Procurement Director at Medusa 19, added: “We are delighted to be working alongside Trelleborg’s employees to deliver a solution that will safeguard their business and has been instrumental in protecting front line critical work force services. Many organisations cannot operate from home, so even a small number of Covid-19 cases can shut entire teams, departments and workforces down – having a detrimental impact on productivity and the bottom line.

“Introducing regular testing alongside government guidelines will help employees in conjunction with their employers to identify those who need a government PCR test and need to self-isolate, while allowing those “free from infection” to remain in the workplace without risk.”

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