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Guizhou Tire plans giant OTR radial tire program

Recently, Guizhou Tyre released an environment protection report on its full-steel giant OTR radial tire intelligent manufacturing program.

With 292 million yuan of total investment, the program was designed to produce 4968 units of full-steel giant OTR radial tires.

Guizhou Tire plans to phase out part of outdated production capacity, and increase full-steel giant OTR radial tires, realizing production replacement.

They planned to reform its special tire factory to increase new production lines there.

Guizhou Tyre is China's famous engineering tire manufacturer.

In 2015, the company started old factory relocation. The new factory was divided into three phases of construction. 

The first phase was to build up 260,000 units/year of full-steel radial tires production line, and has finished in March 2017; the second phase was to build up 3,250,000 units/year of special tyres production line, and has finished in March 2018; the third phase was to build up 4,900,000 units of full-steel radial tyre production.

Nowadays, there has been 1,900,000 units/year of full-steel radial tyre production capacity completed in September 2019.