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Zhongce Rubber 2017 revenue surges

Zhongce Rubber Group (China) Distributors Conference 2018 was held from Jan. 8 to 11 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.

Shen Jinrong, board chairman and general manager of Zhongce Rubber, delivered a speech in the conference.

He said the company’s sales revenue in 2017 totaled 29.7 billion yuan, up 22% year on year.

The company’s all-steel tire output exceeded 17.26 million, up 21%; the semi-steel tire output reached 32 million, up 11.8%; and the sales value of bias tires kept stable.

Shen said Zhongce Rubber withstood the impact of the tire industry’s turmoil in 2017.

Ge Guorong, vice general manager of Zhongce Rubber, said the company has fully entered the supply chain of China’s high-end truck sector; its sales volume in domestic passenger car tire replacement market exceeded 11 million; and the sales value of bias tires rose significantly.

In addition, the company seized the opportunity of booming development of shared bikes, and the sales value in this sector increased 200 million yuan; the shipment units in tire trade rose over 27%; and the number of its flagship stores also grew rapidly.

The company also launched Zhongce cloud network intelligent tire for buses with Wenzhou Transportation Co., Ltd., the Second Container Terminal of Zhoushan Port, Ningbo, Jiangsu province.