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Guangzhou Fengli starts 10m tire/year expansion project

Guangdong, China – Guangzhou Fengli Rubber Tire started the installation process of a new project with an annual capacity of 10 million eco-friendly, high-performance tires in August 2014, according to the project's environment assessment report.

The project has 2 billion Yuan (€250m) investment planned and is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2015.

Fengli is a joint venture between South China Tire and Guangzhou International Group set up in 2005 in Conghua, Guangdong province, with a total area of 747,000 square metres. The company currently has an annual capacity of 5 million steel-belted radial tires.

According to the environment assessment report, the company is also planning to relocate South China Tire's facilities with 1.3m/year capacity for TBR tires and 4.2m/year capacity for steel-belted radial tires to its site.

The project was first planned with 2m/year capacity for truck tires but was modified for the production of eco-friendly, high-performance tires in December, 2013.

"Currently only less than 10% of the tires produced in China are eco-friendly," said Chen Weifang, secretary general of China Rubber Machinery Association. "However, it is estimated that over half of China's tire companies will be making green tires at the end of 2015."

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