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Baolong Automotive Introduces the World’s Smallest Tire Pressure Monitoring System Module

Baolong Automotive today announced the world’s smallest, highly integrated tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) module at a very light weight of 8 grams, helping OEMs and aftermarket vendors improve automotive safety by ensuring proper tire inflation to prevent dangerous blow outs and flat tires. Built using Freescale® Semiconductor’s FXTH87 tire pressure monitoring system, which was announced today and is 50 percent smaller than competing solutions with a light weight of 0.3 grams, Baolong’s TPMS module offers exceptional battery life, ensuring the solution’s longevity.

Improperly inflated tires are both dangerous and costly for drivers. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 23,000 accidents and 535 vehicle fatalities occur each year involving flat tires or blowouts, which could be prevented with proper tire inflation. In addition to improving safety and helping prevent fatal accidents, properly inflated tires improve fuel economy and reduce emissions, causing many regions to implement regulations requiring the technology. The United States began requiring TPMS modules be installed in new vehicles in 2005. Many other regions have followed suit, with the European Union, China and Taiwan requiring it in new cars beginning in 2014, and Japan, South Korea and Russia beginning in 2015.

“With a broad portfolio of products shipping to over 80 countries and regions, our ability to leverage the tire pressure monitoring system that Freescale, a leader in the automotive market, has introduced is a win-win for both companies,” said Charles Zhang, CEO of Baolong Group. “Demand for tire pressure monitoring system modules is growing rapidly as more and more countries look to leverage the safety and environmental benefits these solutions provide. The tiny size and long battery life of our newest platform D type module, which is the fourth generation of our TPMS module solutions enabled by Freescale, meets that demand in a way that is conscientious of the space and power constraints of these systems.”

Baolong’s D type TPMS module, leveraging Freescale’s tiny tire pressure monitoring system, represents the highest automotive quality standards while also accelerating time to market, reducing design complexity and cost, and improving ease of use. The tiny size and low power consumption of Freescale’s FXTH87 system allows designers to create smaller and lighter modules with a longer battery life, enabling extended feature sets.

“Baolong’s speedy adoption of this technology will enable them to meet the rapidly rising global demand for tire pressure monitoring system modules,” said Babak Taheri, vice president and general manager for Freescale’s sensor solutions division. “Freescale’s highly integrated tire pressure monitoring system in an exceptionally small package, offering low power consumption and a broad enablement library, will help Baolong improve automotive safety and fuel economy.”

Freescale FXTH87 Product Features

QFN 7 x 7 x 2.2 mm package enables visible solder joint for inspection100–450 kPa and 100–900 kPa pressure rangesZ-axis or dual XZ-axis accelerometersAccelerometer standard or precision tolerances availableLow-power wake-up timer and periodic reset driven by LFODedicated state machines for reduced power consumption8-bit MCU/S08 core with SIM, interrupt and debug/monitor512 Bytes RAM / 16 k Flash (8 k for Freescale library, 8 k for applications)Internal 315/434 MHz RF transmitterInternal 125 kHz LF receiverSix multipurpose GPIO pins (including two A/D inputs)

Baolong D Type TPMS Module Features

Small size to match all rim profiles meeting both OEM and AM demandLight weight of 8 grams to enhance safety under high speedAutolocation function enabledCost competitiveness with lower BOM cost.

About Baolong Automotive

Shanghai Baolong Automotive Corporation, with a registered capital of 87.82 million RMB, was founded in May 1997 and is headquartered in Shanghai with subsidiaries in North America and Europe. It has now become a market leader in several segments of automotive parts and components. Baolong is one of the largest tire valve manufacturers in the world supplying global OEM and replacement markets. Since 2002, Baolong has been continuously developing its tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) technology. Today, Baolong is chosen as TPMS supplier by over 20 passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle manufacturers. Baolong is also providing TPMS solutions to commercial vehicle fleets and OTR mining companies. Additional information can be accessed at