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The Commerce Department Ends 2 Anti Levies towards part of Import Cars of America

Commerce Department anti-dumping duty anti-subsidy duty

In 13th December, Chinese Commerce Department announced the levy of anti-dumping duty & anti-subsidy duty towards the important cars whose gas displacement is over 2.5L including small cars & SUV would be canceled in 15th, December. The levy of 2 duties started in 2 years ago.

In 18th December, the Commerce Department released No. 84 announcement to cancel the levy. Mr. Zhang, a senior analyst, said, "These 2 anti levies has necessary connection with the trade policy by America towards China." Before these 2 levies, in 30th March, 2011, America started to apply to levy anti duties towards steel wheel products exported by China. In 6th September 2011, the Commerce Department of America decided to levy anti-subsidy duty to all related products in accordance with tax rate.

In 19th March, 2012, the Commerce Department judged that high tariffs should be levied towards Chinese steel wheel products. But this judgment had been canceled one month later.