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Shandong exported 52.97 billion yuan of tires during Jan.-Nov.

According to Qingdao Customs' data, there were 1750 billion yuan of import & export trade value created in Shandong Province in the past eleven months, yearly increasing 7.4%.

Amongst, there were 959.4 billion yuan of export value, yearly up 6.6%, and 788.96 billion yuan of import value, yearly rising by 8.4%.

In November, there were 179.37 billion yuan of import & export trade value, yearly increasing 14.4%, and monthly up 5.6%.

Import and export trade respectively year-on-year increased 13.4% and 15.8% to 98.7 billion yuan and 80.67 billion yuan.

In the past eleven months, there has been 52.97 billion yuan of new pneumatic tyres exported from Shandong Province, yearly increasing 7.4%.