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China to release "Green Tire Technology Specification" in Q1 2014

China Rubber Industry Association Green Tire Technology Specification

China Rubber Industry Association recently released inofficial draft of “Green Tire Technology Specification” to collect social suggestions all overChina’s tire industry. And the specification is scheduled to be officially released in the first quarter of 2014.

The specification rules the item of “green tire”, which is energy-saving, environment-protection and safe tires produced under green manufacturing technology and used under green application.

The green tires are required to low rolling resistance, low energy consumption, stable dirigibility, shorter braking distance, better wearing resistance and could be repeatedly retread.

Meanwhile, during green tire’s manufacturing, the producers are required to us environment-protection and Euro’s REACH standard raw material. And production processes are required under low energy consumption, low dusty and low waste gas.

The specification will be used on radial tires for sedan and heavy trucks.

(By Amanda,