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Worn-out Sneakers Turn to Motorcycle Tires

Ken Block, a renowned rally driver, and Travis Pastrana, champion of motocross, jointly worked out the world’s first motorcycle with wheels made from sneakers.

Block was inspired by a batch of worn-out sneakers he was about to drop when his motorcycle tire blew out. So he came up with an idea of building motorcycle tires with used sneakers.

The motorcycle installing with tires made from used sneakers is capable of doing stunts such as jump and roll and its performances are no less than ordinary motorcycles.

The most unique feature of the motorcycle is the recycling of worn-out sneakers.

The two sneaker tires were specially produced by motorcycle expert Mark Adams to ensure the shoes are capable of bearing the power of the engine and will not fall off.

Ken Block succeeded in doing the difficult stunts such as leap and backflip, proving the durability of the sneakers.

He landed on the ground successfully and completed a set of highlydifficult routine perfectly.

It shows that making motorcycle tires with old sneakers is viable and environmentally friendly.