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Unthinkable antique car designs

In century 20s, vehicle industry had been through a revolutionary era. Engineers tried a serious of curious ideas, which were worth of rethinking in nowadays.

1、 lighting tire

In 1961, Goodyear Tire Company created lighting tire, but finally gave up. The idea of pipe tire and lighting glass may have something wrong.

2、 walking dog sack

In June 1935, someone created a sack for riding a dog. But it never really put into operation.

3、 Luxury mini-bar

Before drunk driving law coming into force in 1957, Cadillac Eldorado Brougham used to design a luxury mini-bar, which was assumed to contain a suit of cosmetics for ladies, a leather notebook, a cigarette box, a comb and a spray bottle filled with Arpege Extrait de Lanvin perfume.

4、 Numbered disks to identify “hit-run” drivers

In 1931’s <Popular Mechanics>, someone thought out a disk could identify “hit-run” drivers. The disks would be caved with drivers’ license number and names. If drivers hit people when he was driving, the disks fixed on bumper bar would drop out. What do you think?

5、 Swimming car

6、 Skiing car

7、 180 degree rotating seat