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China's tire export surged in August

On Septermber 24, China's Customs released its tire export datas.

In August, China tyre's export showed monthly and yearly growth, but yearly decline in the past eight months.

Tire export yearly surges

Data showed that China exported 630,000 tons of tires in August, monthly increasing 10,000 tons, and yearly rising by 14.1%.

At the same time, China realized 9.592 billion yuan of tire export, yearly raising 5.4%. And there were 46.34 million units of pneumatic tires exported in August, monthly decreasing 950,000 units, but yearly increasing 8.2%.

Accumulated decrease narrowed

China's tire manufacturers recovered from COVID-2019, and gradually started exporting overseas with overseas market demand rising.

Statistics showed that China accumulated exported 3,840,000 tons of tires in the first eight months, yearly decreasing 11.7%. And export value reached 60.251 billion yuan at the same time, yearly declining 15.8%.

Amongst, there were 3,690,000 tons of pneumatic tires exported in the first eight months, yearly declining 11.9%, and realizing 57.4 billion yuan of export value at the same time, year-on-year down by 16.3%.

And there were 289,870,000 units of new pneumatic tires during January to August, yearly decreasing 14.3%.

Anaylsts said that China's tire export was expected to keep good growth trend in short term.