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China tyre export kept high growth in September

On October 25, China's Customs released its export datas of September. In September, China's tire export kept monthly growth, and accumulated export of past nine months has shrank into one digital decrease.

Statistics showed that China's rubber tire export monthly increased 20,000 tons to 650,000 tons in September, and yearly increasing 16.7%. At the same time, export value year-on-year climbed 7.6% up to 9.8 billion yuan. Amongst, pneumatic tire's export value increased 6.9% to 9.352 billion, due to its export volume surging 16.6% to 630,000 tons.

In September, there were 47,880,000 units of pneumatic tires exported, year-on-year increasing 15.9%

Accumulated decline shrank 

China's tire export has obviously increased since July, and the factory's operation ratio also lifted at the same time.

Statistics showed that in the past nine months, China accumulated export 4,490,000 tons of rubber tires, yearly declining 8.5%. And tire exports in August have ever year-on-year declined 11.7%.

China accumulated export 70 billion yuan of tires, yearly declining 13.1%, but 2.7 percentage points higher than of past eight months. Amongst, there were 4,310,000 tons of pneumatic tires exported in the fist nine months, yearly declining 8.7%, which realized 66.76 billion yuan of export value, yearly diving 13.7%, but still 2.6 percentage points higher than of the past eight months. 

Investigation showed that tire factory's overseas orders are still over supplied in October, which is expected to keep export growth in near future.