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Tire production reached 461 mln units in Shandong

There were 461 million tons of tire produced in Shandong Province in 2016, Tireworld's journalist learned from the 6th Shandong Rubber Industry Meeting holding in Tai'an Shandong Province on July 3-4.

Amongst, there were 30,0117,000 units of radial tires produced in 2016, taking 53.1% of China's total production;70,142,400 units of full-steel radial tires produced,taking 58% of China's total production, and 229,824,600 units of half-steel  radial tires.

Rubber process is an import industry in Shandong Province. Tire production accounts for over 50% of China's total production;conveyor belt accounts for 45% and rubber chemicals accounts for 40% in China.

In 2016,  large rubber companies realized 416.575 billion yuan of sales revenue, realizing 26.68 billion yuan of profit.