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Zhangjiagang Port sees surge in tire exports in Jan. 2013

Zhangjiagang Port tire exports January

Tire exports via theZhangjiagangPortin eastChina’sJiangsuprovince continued upward momentum in January of 2013, with the product value surging 33% at 2.28 million US dollars.

The tires were delivered to more than 100 countries or regions worldwide including theUS, Europe, the Middle East,Australiaand Southeast Asian countries, snatching a market share of 15 percent in the global market.

Meanwhile, the local quality watchdog of Zhangjiagang has formulated strict rules on quality control and product testing, as part of its efforts to help tire makers achieve sustainable development in tapping the overseas markets.

At present, Nankang Tire and Toyo Tire (Zhangjiagang) – two sedan radial tire makers – have a combined annual output capacity of 10 million units and more than 90 percent of their products are for exports, while leading inner tube manufacturer Goodtire Co. enjoys annual exports volume as high as 41 million units.

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