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Mysterious total number of Shandong tire manufactures in China

How many tire manufactures come to in Shandong Province?

According to the released data, there are over 510 tire manufactures in China by the end of 2011, mainly in Shandong Province,Jiangsu Province,Zhejiang Province and Guangdong Province. Amongst, there are over 300 tire companies in Shandong Province.

However, an insider told journalist from Tireworld, there are at least over 1000 tire companies all overChina. And in Shandong Province, there are over 500 tire companies in Dongying and Qingdao, where most tire manufactures circle.

A tire dealer said, it is hard to give an exact number of Chinese tire companies. The released data from China Rubber Industry Association (CRIA), bases on the total number of registered members in the association.

Taking Dongying as an example, there are up to 50 registered tire companies in CRIA. If adding non-member companies, there would be nearly 200 tire makers there, the tire dealer said.

So, total number of tire manufactures in Shangdong Province or in China is still a mystery. But one thing could be confirmed that production capacity of registered members in CRIA takes about 80% of total tire production in China.

Insiders said that most small-size tire makers in Shandong Province don’t have strong competition ability, with poor production quality and obsolete production equipments. With fierce market competition, tire industry’s restructure will come soon.

(By Mo Lin,