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China to set up recycling system for NEV power battery in 2018

On February 22, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China issued a notice, which outlines key work points for the industrial energy saving and comprehensive utilization in 2018. The following are the key points for new energy vehicle (NEV) segment.

Push forward the recycling of power battery in NEV segment. The government will formulate and implement tentative measures for the recycling of power battery and promote the establishment of the recycling system. Besides, recycling pilot work will be carried out in key areas. Traceability management standard for power battery should be worked out.

Deepen the pilot demonstration work for methanol-fueled vehicles. The department will speed the establishment of key criteria for such kind of vehicles and promote the development of methanol-fueled vehicles.

Enhance the extended producer responsibility (EPR) system, especially for manufacturers of vehicle products. What’s more, the government will strengthen the restriction on hazardous substances used in vehicle products, electrical and electronic equipment.

Expand international exchange and cooperation. The department will make full use of bilateral and multilateral cooperation system and conduct policy exchange to promote the international cooperation in green industry.