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US issues duties against Thai rubber band imports

The U.S. Department of Commerce has issued a final antidumping duty order of 5.87 percent against most rubber bands imported from Thailand.

However, the agency found only de minimis subsidies for Thai rubber bands, meaning that it will not issue a countervailing duty order in the case.

Commerce published its final determinations in the March 7 Federal Register. The agency has ordered Customs and Border Protection to collect the 5.87-percent duties.On March 11, Commerce officially terminated the investigation.

Hot Springs, Ark.-based Alliance Rubber Co. petitioned the International Trade Commission for relief in January 2018 against rubber band imports from China, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

The ITC decided in March 2018 to terminate its investigation against Sri Lankan rubber band imports but continue the probe of Chinese and Thai imports.

In September 2018, Commerce issued preliminary antidumping duties of 5.86 percent against Thai rubber band imports.

The March 7 order made final determinations of 5.87 percent against U. Yong Industry Co. Ltd. and all others except Liang Hah Heng International Rubber Co./Hah Shung Heng Co., whose dumping rate was zero.

In countervailing duties, Commerce found subsidy rates of 0.23 percent against Liang Hah Heng and 0.37 percent against U. Yong, meaning that the rates are too small to justify duties.

The slight duties against Thai rubber bands contrast sharply with those issued against rubber bands imported from China.

On Feb. 19, Commerce issued final countervailing duties of 27.27 percent and final antidumping duties of 125.77 percent against Chinese rubber band imports.

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