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China to cut New-Energy Automobile Models Exempt from Vehicle Purchase Tax

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently announced that a total of 199 models without production outputs or import volume by the end of October 2018 are likely to be removed from the Catalogue of New-Energy Automobile Models Exempt from Vehicle Purchase Tax.

From the list enclosed to the announcement, only 14 passenger vehicle (PV) models are involved, including the BYD e5 (model number: BYD7005BEV5, BYD7005BEV4), the BYD Qin EV (model number: BYD7008BEV2), the Changhe Beidouxing E (model number: CH7005BEVA2BA, CH5015XXYBEVA2BA), the Hawtai Santa Fe XEV260 (model number: SDH6440BEVGL2), etc.

Most models to be removed from the Catalogue are outmoded models that are no longer applicable to the new NEV subsidy policy in terms of range or battery energy density, involving such mini-sized EV models as the ZHIDOU D2 (model number: JL7001BEV56), the ZHIDOU D3 (model number: JL7001BEV61), the Hawtai iEV160 (model number: SDH7000BEVRL), the Chery eQ1 (model number: SQR7000BEVJ723), etc.

In accordance with the 2018 adjustment scheme on NEV subsidy, mini-sized EV models are the key target for the phase-out of NEV subsidies. Models with range less than 150km might be totally dispensed with subsidies.

It is worth mentioning that models of specific model numbers will be revoked with exemption of vehicle purchase model, which may somewhat affect their prices, yet other existing models will not be influenced.