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Six tire brands listed in China Top 500 Brands

On June 20, World Brand Lab released its Chinese Top 500 Valuable Brands on the 15th World Brand Conference in Beijing.

Amongst, there are 6 companies standing in the list.

Brand Rank Value(100mln)
Double Star 98 416.58
Linglong 117 378.08
Sailun 179 295.16
Chaoyang 185 256.98
Aeolus 191 232.82
Double Coin 216 219.42
Compared to the list in 2017, Chaoyang Tire and Double Coin Tire were the new birds flying into the list, and other four tire brands also increased their ranks compared to the same period of 2017. 

Statistics showed that The World Brand Lab, established in New York City in the year of 2003, is the leading independent consultancy of brand valuation and markeing strategy in the world.

The World Brand Lab evaluated Chinese brands once a year, basing on finance datas, customer behavior and brand popularity.