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Second Batch of Tire Producing Applicants Accept Verification

The Department of Raw Material Industry, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, invited experts to launch on-field verification on Dec. 7-9 over the second batch of companies applying to enter the tire industry.

The experts were divided into two groups and planned to exam 11 companies, all from the leading tire producer Shandong province.

The experts will check the reality of the materials submitted by the firms, the field of the production, environment protection, safety, energy emission, technical innovation, and the R&D center of the firms.

MIIT started to accept the second batch of companies applying to enter the tire industry since July. So far, a total of 27 tire producers have submitted their applications.

Six producers passed the document check.

The other 21 producers were generally qualified, but they still need to complement necessary documents and pass the expert panel’s exam.

After the verification, MIIT will assembly the data and documents provided by the tire producers and publish them online before releasing the second batch of qualified producers.

On April 13, MIIT released the first batch of 23 tire producers meeting the Entry Criteria of the Tire Industry.

A total of 10 producers from Shandong province were within the 23 companies, including the renowned ones, such as Shandong Linglong Co., Ltd. and Triangle Tire Co., Ltd.