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Beijing works to encourage new energy vehicle sales in the city

The city of Beijing is implementing a variety of measures to promote sales of new energy vehicles, including lowering or eliminating parking and toll fees for eligible vehicles, reported today, citing a statement made by Beijing New-Energy Vehicle Development and Promotion Center Director Niu Jinming.

The eligible vehicles include 14 models from nine manufacturers appearing on Beijing’s list of new energy vehicles eligible for purchase, covering products from BAIC, JAC and BYD. In addition, seven new energy models from BMW, Smart, VW and Tesla, which are not on the list, also appeared on the city’s guide of new energy vehicles. Mr. Niu explained that while such vehicles aren’t eligible for new energy vehicle subsidies when purchasing, the city still encourages their sales.

Mr. Niu also pointed out that Beijing has introduced over 1,200 electric buses and 2,150 electric taxis to its public transportation fleet, with long-distance electric taxis also available for transport to Beijing’s nine suburbs. In order to power the 4,000 new energy private vehicles on Beijing’s roads as of December 2014, the city has a total of 1,700 charging posts in use.