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Two tire companies listed in China's TOP 200 Exporters

Recently, China Customs released China's Top 200 Exporters & Importers in 2018.

Zhongce Rubber Group and Shandong Changfeng Tire Co.,Ltd respectively exported 6.84 billion yuan and 5.97 billion yuan, listing in China's Top 200 Exporters

Datas from China Rubber Industry Association showed that China exported 5,392,000 tons of tires in 2018, reaching 13.24 billion dollars of export value. And export value from those two companies reached 14.3% of total export value.

In 2018, China's tire export suffered heavy loss because of trade friction.

Zhongce Rubber locates in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, listed 10th of Global Top 75 Tire Manufactures in 2018.

Changfeng Tire locates in Dongying, Shandong Province, always listing top tire exporters in Dongying.