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China's expansion ways in H1' 2018

In the past two years, Chinese tire companies have been suffered strict environment protection, US and EU collecting heavy duty on Chinese tires and many other challenges. However, there were still a batch of companies starting to build up new factories and expanding tire productions. 

New factories founded 

On January 22, Guangdong Tiandida Technology development Co.,Ltd. invested 5 billion yuan in Lousing Guangdong Province. After completion, the new factory would produce 5 million units of green non-pneumatic tires.

On March 16, Guangzhou Diamond Tire Co.,Ltd., a subsidy of Wanly Group invested 50 million dollars in Cambodia for a tire process factory.

At the end of March, there were 560,000 units/year of tire production project, invested by Shandong Weifang Mingzhu Rubber Co.,Ltd., came into environment test.

At the same time, a 650,000 units/year of machinery tire factory invested by Shandong Weifang Lutong Rubber Co.,Ltd., started to construct.

On April 16, Double Coin Tire built up a new plant, which could produce 1.2 million units of high-performance full-steel heavy-duty radial tires.

On the same day, Zhongce Rubber invested 3.56 billion yuan for a 6.7 million units/year of full-steel radial tire produce line in its Chunqiu plant.

On June 23, Double Star Tire held construction ceremony of intelligent 4.0 factory.

Besides, Shandong Linglng Tire invested 5.794 billion yuan to build up a new factory in Jianmen Hubei Province. After completion, the factory could produce 12 million units of half-steel tires, 2.4 million units of full-steel tires and 60,000 units of machinery tires every year.

Two tire projects went into operation

On January 22, there were 10 million units/year of high-performance passenger tire project coming into operation. The project invested by Jining Shenzhou Tire Co.,Ltd., a subsidy of Hixin Rubber, started to construct in 2017, with a total investment 3.5 billion yuan.

On April 27, Shandong Mileqi Tire's full-steel heavy duty radial tire product line came into operation with 2 million units/year of production.

Former projects made new progress

On January 19, Guizhou Tire invested 400 million dollars for a new factory in Vietnam.

At the beginning of April, Guizhou Tire built up a fully controlled subsidy to operate Vietnam factory.

On January 26, Jiangsu General Technology has been approved by government to build up a 1.2 million units/year of full-steel radial tires product line, with 1.5 billion yuan of total investment.

On March 16, Linglong tire invested 700 million yuan to build up radial tire product line in Liuzhou.

On April 12, Delun Rubber Co.,Ltd got energy saving examination for its 4 million units/year of high-performance half-steel radial tire project.

At the beginning of June, Shandong Hentai Group's half-steel tire project got approved by environment department. The group could add 2 million units/year of half-steel radial tires after completion.