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Deveoped countries contend for investment by China tire producers

Foreign media reports that the South Carolina Association of Parliamentarians is considering issuing bonds of 40.5 million U.S. dollars (about 275 million yuan) to support the establishment of a tire plant by Wanli Tire Co., Ltd. in the state.

The money will be allocated to paying roads and building feeder railway.

The report says Wanly Tire is expected invest 1 billion dollars (about 6.8 billion yuan) in Orangeburg County to establish a plant.

Besides the U.S. government, German government is also working proactively to attract investment by China’s tire producers.

In Shandong – Lower Saxony Seminar on Economy and Trade, Lower Saxony governor introduced the situation of the state explicitly and expected Chinese firms making investment there.

Representatives from Shandong Linglong Tire said they expected to cooperate with Germany peers.

To attract Linglong Tire’s investment, Czech, Slovakia, and Belgium have all tried to convince the tire producer.

In addition, Thailand, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries have sent merchants teams to China and tried to persuade China’s tire companies making overseas investment with preferential policies.