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Exporting destination is changing in Dongying

Recently, Shandong Province released import and export data from Dongying, which is a shrink of Chinese tire industry.

Datas showed that there were 4.259 billion yuan of tire production exported to One Belt and One Road Countries from Dongying in the first five months of 2019, year-on-year increasing 31.37%.

Analysts said that with EU and US levying heavy tax on Chinese tires, many Chinese tire manufacturers adjusted marketing policy, and turned to One Belt and One Road Countries. 

Cao Ming, chairman of Wanda Botong Tire said that the company has changed its market policy from EU、US to Russia etc..

Besides, many famous tire companies such as Xingyuan Tire, Hengfeng rubber also expressed the same plan.

Analysts said that with Chinese tire production oversupplying and export to US declining, tire companies in Dongying has to develop emerging market, which has become a trend for most Chinese tire producers.