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Shandong tire exports decrease in various aspects

Shandong ports exported 210 million new inflated rubber tires in the first 11 months of 2017, up 3.4% year on year; the export value was 51.27 billion yuan, up 13.4%; and the average price per tire was 240.2 yuan, up 9.7%.

Shandong exported 19.76 million tires in Nov., up 1.5% year on year; the value was 4.48 billion yuan, up 3.6%; and the average price was 227 yuan/tire, up 2%.

EU, ASEAN, the US, Nigeria, Mexico are the top five export destinations of Shandong.

In Nov., Shandong exported 3.8 million tires to EU, down 0.8% year on year; it exported 1.72 million tires to the US, down 24.5%.

The province’s exports to ASEAN, Nigeria, and Mexico were 1.71 million, 1.18 million, and 1.02 million tires, respectively, up 73.9%, 13.5%, and 7.3%.

Shandong’s exports to the five destinations accounted for 47.75 of its total tire exports.

Shandong exported 10.04 million passenger car tires in Nov., down 5% year on year, standing at 50.8% of its total tire exports.

During the reporting period, it exported truck and bus tires of 4.69 million, down 4.3%; but the export of motorcycle tires rose 19.7% to 2.37 million.

The province exported 12.97 million tires in terms of processing trade in Nov., down 11.2%, accounting for 65.6% of the province’s total tire exports. It exported 6.56 million tires in terms of general trade, up 40.5%, accounting for 33.2%.

Private enterprises exported 14.86 million tires from Shandong in Nov., up 0.3% year on year, accounting for 75.2% of the province’s total.

Foreign-invested firms exported 3.20 million tires, up 14.9%; and state-owned enterprises exported 1.7 million tires, down 8.8%.

Frequent trade friction and higher prices have sharply weakened Chinese tires’ international competitiveness.

Due to EU’s anti-dumping probe against Chinese tires, Shandong’s export there started to drop.