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Technology innovation pushes Shandong's tire export jump

Tire export value achieved $7.834 billion in Shandong Province, China’s largest tire producer in 2011, which occupied nearly 50% of China’s total tire export value said Zhang Hongmin, president of Shandong Rubber Industry Assosiate.

Affected by “Sino-U.S. Tire Special-Protection Case”, China’s tire export growth dropped to 4.6% from 2010’s 22.3%, and predicted to keep flat in 2012.
However, Shandong Province still kept strong export momentum, realizing 54.06% of value increase compared to 2010, Zhang said, it was technology innovation bring new vigor and vitality for Shandong tire enterprises.
Taking Triangel Co., Ltd as example, it is the largest comprehensive “integrated supply, production, marketing and research” tire enterprise. The company has achieved significant technology breakthrough in areas of tire R&D and manufacturing. Its giant radial OTR tire’s production technology and equipment development has reached world’s first-class level.
Linglong Rubber Co., Ltd is also a model in technological innovation. Its newly-built high performance semi-steel radial tire project, with an annual production capacity of 12 million units, adopts advanced carcass electronic radiation instrument pre-sulfurization technology.
This technology could reduce tire sidewall’s thickness, cut down rubber consumption, improve dynamic balance uniformity and increase visual examination’s eligibility ratio.
Experiments showed that this technology could reduce carcass’s weight by 1.5%, which could save more than 540 tons rubber and create profit over CNY 20 million every year.
Besides, Qingdao Double Star Group Co., Ltd owns core technology of producing color tires, which has already applied for patent. Linglong’s “UHP Tire” created two records in Chinese tires – Smallest wildth of Tire Section and Flank Speed Level.
Shandong province’s tire industry could outshine others in China, mainly contributing to its continuous effort on technological innovation and accelerating transformation of enterprises’ development pattern, Zhang said.