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China’s PV retail sales forecasted to grow 8% year on year in Sept.

China's retail sales of homegrown PVs (hereby referring to cars, SUVs and MPVs) are anticipated to grow 8% year on year to roughly 1.915 million units in September, according to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).

In September, main automakers' daily PV deliveries in first and second weeks' workdays rose 1% and 12% over a year ago respectively to around 140,000 units and 244,000 units on average, said the CPCA.

The average daily deliveries of PVs made by main automakers are expected to jump 18% over the year-ago period in the third quarter of September. The fourth week's PV retail sales are likely to rise 8%, while the daily volume may decline 14% year over year as there are two more workdays than the year-ago period.

The pandemic-induced impact on China's domestic working and living environment has been significantly whittled down, and the macro-economic climate, the stimulus policies and the sales promotion offered by automakers all provide positive support for the rebound and growth of auto market, said the CPCA.

However, the association also noted that it still requires some time to see that consumers income are increased and the demands of commodities consumption are fully unleashed following the recovery of macro economy, and the lag has to some extent curbed a fast growth for auto market.

The Beijing International Automotive Exhibition 2020 (the Auto China 2020) will kick on September 26, which will draw a great deal of public's attention and further boost the unleashing of car shopping demands.