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China auto sales likely to top 27 million units in 2021, CAAM

China auto sales are expected to reach 27.227 million units in 2021, including 22.908 million passenger vehicles (PVs) and 4.319 million commercial vehicles (CVs), according to a forecast report jointly issued by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) and the Center of Policy Studies for the Automobile Industry in China (CPSAIC) of Tianjin University in December.

Within the PV sector, the sales of cars and SUVs are likely to stand at 10.177 million and 10.914 million units respectively next year. Besides, around 1.509 million MPVs and 309 thousand minibuses may be sold.

For the year of 2025, there is promise for a full-year sales volume of 30 million units for China auto market, Fu Bingfeng, the Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary General, said last week at a forecast summit for 2021's China auto market.

According to the report, the sales of PVs and CVs are predicted to reach 2.233 million and 386 thousand units respectively in December. With regard to PV arm, the sales of cars, SUVs, MPVs and minibuses probably amount to 1 million, 1.038 million, 161 thousand and 34 thousand units.

As to the 2020's full-year performance, the world's biggest auto market may see a sales volume of 26.555 million units, including 22.291 million PVs and 4.264 million CVs.

Of the PVs to be sold this year, 10.25 million and 10.218 million units would be cars and SUVs, while the sales of MPVs and minibuses are expected to hit 1.444 million and 378 thousand units.