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Top 10 homegrown PV, car, SUV models for China by Nov. wholesale volume

Automakers in China sold 2,075,266 locally-produced PVs (referring to cars, MPVs, SUVs and minibuses) last month, down by 4.7% over a year ago. For the first eleven months, the aggregated wholesale volume of China-built PVs fell 10.2% year on year to 19,276,432 units, according to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).

The auto industry is mired in prolonged downturn, pressured by the sluggish macro-economic climate and the deterioration of consumer confidence. Meanwhile, the subsidy slash is still impinging on the NEV sales performance. In November, the wholesale volume of homegrown new energy PVs in China slumped 41.7% over the previous year to around 79,000 units, while rose 15% compared to October.

The Vehicle Inventory Alert Index (VIA) in November stood at 62.5%, dropping 12.6 percentage points from the year-ago period, according to the China Automobile Dealers Association (CADA), while exceeding an official warning threshold for the 23rd month in a row.

Among the top 10 PV models by Nov. wholesale volume, the car models took six places. Compared with October, the SUV models on the list remained unchanged, of which both Changan CS75 and Tayron boasted year-on-year sales hike.


According to the CPCA, the car wholesale volume in November slid 10.9% from the prior-year period to 961,636 units, making the year-to-date volume total 9,254,957 units (-11.9%).

Most models listed on the top 10 car model list gained increase. Both Sylphy and Lavida featured a monthly sales volume exceeding 50,000 units. Notably, the all-new Sylphy accounted for 46.5% of the model's total sales without offering discount. 

With 40,001 cars sold (+14.2%), the Corolla was honored the second runner-up car model. The sales volume of the FAW-Toyota’s hotter-selling model has been climbing month over month after August when it slumped to the 21th place due to the entry of the all-new Corolla. Another Toyota-branded model, the Levin, was ranked the eighth with its sales showing year-on-year growth for five consecutive months.


China saw the SUV wholesale volume grow 4.8% year on year to 959,023 units. After eleven months through November, China’s automaker sold a total of 8,476,101 SUVs (-6.4%).

China's self-owned models occupied three places among the top 5 SUV models. The Haval H6 was still the best-selling SUV model, featuring a sales volume topping 40,000 units for the second month in a row. Driven by the CS75 PLUS, the CS75 series retained its runner-up place with a remarkable year-on-year surge of 126.2%. 

The sales of the Tiguan plunged 21.9% to 21,397 units. Apart from November, its monthly sales surpassing 20,000 units only appeared in May, June and September. Clearly, part of market share has been grabbed by the Tayron, which is now the hottest-selling joint-venture SUV model.