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Over 10000 new energy vehicles sold in Q1 in China

According to statistics compiled by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers last week, a total of 10,202 new energy vehicles were sold in the first quarter of the year, reported on April 19. Pure electrics, hybrids and gasoline substitute-powered vehicles accounted for 1,830, 1,499 and 6,873 sales, respectively.

8,626 energy saving and new energy vehicles were manufactured in the three month period. Gasoline substitute-powered vehicles accounted for the majority of that amount, with a total of 5,671 units made. Meanwhile, production numbers for pure electric vehicles and hybrids totaled 1,655 and 1,300 units, respectively.

The quarterly sales figures represent a huge jump from 2011's results. According to CAAM statistics, a total of 8,368 new energy vehicles were manufactured in the whole of last year. Pure EV and hybrid production numbers respectively totaled 5,655 and 2,713 units. Meanwhile, a total of 8,159 new energy vehicles were sold last year, with 5,579 of those being pure EVs and 2,580 being hybrids. The majority of new energy vehicles were sedans.