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Over 438000 commercial vehicles sold in March

Commercial vehicle production and sales figures in March totaled 424,773 and 438,606 units, respectively, reported recently. The numbers represent growth rates of 22.35 percent and 23.92 percent from February. However, when compared with last March's results, they are 4.32 percent and 8.8 percent lower. A total of 1.01 million commercial vehicles were manufactured in the first quarter of the year, while 1.02 million commercial vehicles were sold.

Respective production and sales numbers in March were 37,387 and 36,904 units for buses, 297,385 and 310,232 units for trucks, and 26,717 and 26,062 units for tractor units. First quarter production and sales numbers for buses totaled 91,473 and 91,677 units, increasing 9.64 percent and 0.98 percent from the same time period in 2011. For trucks they totaled 700,252 and 714,858 units, falling 8.93 percent and 6.75 percent from last year.